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It's Showtime!

Show Day Preparation

  • Your clean, well-groomed pig should come into the ring at a slow pace so that the judge can take a good look.
  • Be sure that you have dressed appropriately and that your brush is in your pocket.
  • Remain focused, calm, and confident throughout your showmanship class, no matter how your pig acts.

In the Ring

  • Drive your pig around the ring to the places where the judge can get the best look at your pig, do not follow your pig.
  • Keep your pig between you and the judge while moving your pig along at a slow, even pace.
  • Drive with the least possible use of your whip/cane.
  • Successful pig showman accomplishes complete control with very gentle use of their whip/cane. Light taps on a pig that has been worked with is all that will be necessary to get them headed or turned in the right direction.
  • Your goals as you drive your pig are to keep your pig 10 to 15 feet from the judge, keep your pig off of the fence, keep your pigs out of the corners, and on the move at all times.
  • The more that you can be in the center of the ring, the more that the judge can get a good look at your pig.
  • Feel free to use your free hand in your pig’s face to move him out of a corner or get him off the rail.
  • When your judge orders you to pen your pig, do it in a timely, efficient manner without the assistance of the ring staff.

Answering the Questions

The final aspect of many showmanship classes is the judge’s questions. Many times, how well you are prepared to answer your judge’s questions can be the deciding factor in a class. Your knowledge of your pig and the overall swine industry is critical to your success in this aspect of your class.

Here are a few commonly asked questions that you should be prepared to answer any time you enter the show ring:

  • What is the ear notch of your pig?
  • What kind of feed did you use?
  • What does NSR stand for?
  • How many nipples should a gilt have?
  • Why do we dock tails?
  • What’s the current market pig price?
  • What can you see from the rear view of your pig?
  • What does your pig weigh?
  • What is the breeding of your pig?
  • What are some of the good and bad points of your pig?

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