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Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.





150# - Ideal Show Weight As your show pig starts on the down hill side of the lean growth curve the nutritional needs of your animal changes as well. While an elevated level of high quality proteins and amino acids are still important, the average show pigs overall ability to turn calories (energy) into muscle has slowed down.

218FOCP              Smooth Design 18 Pellet

218FOCPS            Smooth Design 18 Pellet Dewormer

216FOCP              Smooth Design 16 Pellet


Weigh your pig often if possible, and adjust feeding program to meet target show weight.

  1. PUSHING – When your pig needs to gain more than 1.75 lb per day between now and the show to make weight or reach your target show weight.
  • For Best Results – Use a base feed of 218FOCP – Smooth Design 18 Pellet. Add to this 2 pounds per head per day of Barrow Boost this 30% protein top dress is a high energy top dress that increases growth, bloom and creates an ideal hard finish for show pigs.

  • In addition – Add ¼ pound of 260FOC - Power-Max. ¼ of a lb with 4.75 lb of the complete mix above to make a 9-gram level. The addition of Paylean has been researched to improve feed conversion, muscling and leanness.
  1. HOLDING / MAINTAINING – The following rations are designed to maintain the show pig’s metabolic process while limiting gain to around 1 pound a day or less depending on exercise
  • For Best Results - Use a base feed of 218FOCP - Smooth Design 18 Pellet at a rate of 2 pounds per head per day along with 1 pound of steam rolled oats and 1 pound per head per day of 270FOC - Winners Full Fill. This ration split into 2 feedings (2# in the morning and 2# at night) has been the proven choice of champions to manage the weight of show pigs and maintain the fresh appearance of a champion. 260FOC - Power-Max may also be used to add Ractopamine to this ration replacing in equal parts of the base feed.


  • ALWAYS provide access to fresh water and feed.
  • Clean water tanks out weekly.
  • Your animal’s performance will only be as good as the water that it drinks.  This is easily one of the most overlooked areas when caring for your pig project.
  • Check the feeder daily to ensure that old or moldy feed is not preventing your pig from eating.
  • Pen each pig individually when possible.
  • Exercise:
    • Increases the pigs metabolism rate
    • Builds respiratory system
    • Helps loosen joints and makes the pig “feel better”
    • Halt exercise if pig becomes sick, lame or injured
    • Drive the pig like you would in the show ring.  DO NOT do anything to the pig that you would not do in the show ring.
    • Do not chase, yell or do anything to scare your pig when practicing to drive.


  • Check daily for sickness.
  • Treat for internal and external parasites once a month.
  • Administer proper medication when ill or diseased.
  • Beware of all withdraw times when using vaccines and/or medicated feed.

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