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Grow to Show

Starter Stage


Over the first 7-10 days, gradually transition to 6616FOC - Game Plan 18 Starter/Developer. Do this by mixing the breeder's feed with the Game Plan feed.


Weigh your goats on a regular basis; minimum of every two weeks, weekly is ideal. Weigh them on the same day of the week and same time of day. Record your data. Market goats will normally gain 3-5# per week.

Grower Stage


  • Full feed 6616FOC - Game Plan 18 Starter/Developer until your goats weigh approximately 75-80#. Full feeding means to feed your goats two to three times per day. Give them enough feed so that there are only a few crumbs left by the next feeding. If the feeder is completely dry with no feed left by each feeding, you are not feeding enough. Do not restrict the amount of feed that your goats will eat during this time.
  • Give each goat a "softball" sized amount of a mixed alfalfa-grass hay per day (make sure it is soft and not stemmy). Goats are a ruminant animal, so they need some long-stem fiber/roughage in their diet. More market goats are ruined by feeding too much hay than almost any other condition. Too much hay will give them a "hay belly". Do not let your goats eat pasture or grass in the yard! Giving pasture or grass to a market goats is the same as too much hay.


  • Begin training program.
  • Break goats to lead with a collar.
  • Practice setting legs and holding head in proper show positions.
  • Get goats used to metal show chain, instead of plastic chain or nylon web dog collar.
  • Do not use leash or long lead.
  • Goat's left shoulder should be at your right leg when walking.
  • Trim feet at least monthly.

Finisher Stage


  • Once goats weigh 75-80# and are starting to put on some cover, begin full feeding 6617FOC: 16% Game Plan Pro-Fit.
  • Give each goat a "softball" sized amount of hay per day. Do not let your goats eat pasture or grass in the yard!


Begin an isometric exercise program for proper conditioning of goats prior to show. Isometrics deal with muscular contractions that produce deep muscular development. A constant force or strain is placed on the muscle through pushing, pressing or pulling against an immovable object.

  • Place your goat on a slightly elevated grooming stand and press against his chest with your hand. Hold for 5-10 seconds, then release.
  • Try ten "sets" with a short rest period in between.
  • Each day increase the duration of each set and decrease the number of sets.
  • Continue training as described in grower stage daily.

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