Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.



Feeds Form Period
2505FOC   Start 2 Grow for Show Tylan® Mini Pellet Feed up to 50 lbs. or until pig sale.
2500FOC   Pig Popper Denagard® Mini Pellet

Feed as sole ration for 14 days prior to sale.

218FOCP   Smooth Design 18 Pellet Tylan® Mini Pellet Feed from 50 lbs. to show day.
218FOCPS  Smooth Design 18 Pellet Dewormer Safeguard® Mini Pellet Feed for 3 - 12 days as needed for control of worms.

218FOCPP   Smooth Design 18 Pellet
fortified with Power-Max technology

Pellet Last 45-90 lbs. prior to show.
217FOCM   Smooth Design 17 Meal Meal Feed from 50 lbs. to show day.
216FOCP   Smooth Design 16 Pellet Lincomycin  Mini Pellet

Feed from 160 lbs. to show day.

*limit to 21 days

Supplements/Additives   Period
2400FOC   Show Pig Base Meal Mix with corn and soybean meal to make a custom mix.
9PF         Power Finish Nugget High-fat topdress
270FOC    Winners Full Fill Meal  As needed to achieve show-ready look.
260FOC    Power-Max  Pellet Last 45-90 lbs. prior to show.
9528FOC   Show and Glow Pellet High-protein topdress

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