Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.



Feeds Form Period
T5906FOC   Show Calf Creep Textured Nursing or recently-weaned calves. Feed to a minimum of 300 lbs.
5912B Right from the Start Pellet Weaned and newly-arrived calves that may be stressed. Feed for 2-3 weeks.
5912WO Right from the Start Complete Mini - Cube Weaned and newly-arrived calves that may be stressed. Feed for 2-3 weeks.
T5912FOC   Show Calf Accelerator Textured Grower - from 500 lbs. to 900 lbs.
T5903FOC    1/3-1/3-1/3 Blend Textured High-quality grower - from 500 lbs. to 900 lbs.
T5904FOC    Corn Blend Textured  High-energy finisher - from 900 lbs. to finish.
T5909FOC    Barley Blend  Textured  High-energy finisher for optimum finish. Feed 60-90 days prior to show.
T5900FOC   Mega Champ Textured Fortified with Show & GLow, Power Finish, and Fill 'Er Up - from 700 lbs. to finish.
T5902FOC   Heifer Development Textured  Grower and maintenance -  can feed from weaning to show day.
T5905FOC   Guts and Glory Textured High fiber - begin feeding from 600 or 700 lbs. to show day.
Supplements   Period
T532FOC   Show Cattle Advantage Meal Mix with local grains to make custom show rations.
9528FOC   Show & Glow Pellet High-protein topdress
699FOC     Fill 'Er Up Pellet Added fill on show day for both steers and heifers.
OSTRS60   Opti-Ferm LIX Stress Relief Tub 60 lb. Tub Combat travel stress
560FOC    Revolution  Pellet Increased feed efficiency and muscle shape. Last 28 - 42 days before show. 

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