Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.

beef cattle


Getting Ready

To plan ahead, you must ask
yourself some questions...

Do I have enough space to keep a calf, large steer, or breeding project?

Do I have enough money to purchase…

  • The calf or calves (plan a budget for each animal)
  • Sufficient feed for the project duration (grain, supplements, and hay)
  • Straw, shavings, or other bedding
  • Necessary equipment
  • Extra money for health and veterinary expenses

What kind of goals do I want to set…

  • Win Grand Champion
  • Win a class
  • Win rate of gain
  • Win Showmanship
  • Make money
  • Break even and participate

Preparing Facilities:

Each calf needs at least 100 sq ft per head of indoor pen space.

Adequate outdoor exercise is important as well.

Pens must be free of anything that could be a safety hazard (sharp objects, electric cords, etc).

Appropriate Clean Bedding per season.

  • Straw is good during cooler times of the year, it holds body heat and is very absorbent
  • Wood chips, shavings, and mulch are better to grow hair on because they stay cooler; however they take extra maintenance to keep clean

It is rarely necessary to put show cattle on lush, grassy, pastures. Dirt or sand lots are preferred.

If preparing a “Cool Room”:

  • Adequate ventilation is necessary
  • Try to keep room dark
  • Keep fans running to keep air moving at all times
  • Always bed with wood chips, shavings, or mulch
  • Only let show calves outside when the sun is down

Daily Care and
Show Preparation

The best time to start preparing for shows is as soon as possible! Like any other livestock, cattle learn at a very young age.

The best way to teach an animal how to be shown is practice and repetition. The more you work with your animal, the easier it will get to show them.

Morning and evening are the best times of the day to work with your animal, as the temperature is generally cooler during those times, especially in summer months.


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