Financial Support for local livestock clubs and associations

As a leader in livestock nutrition, Kalmbach Feeds is committed to supporting livestock organizations and activities.

Through the Formula of Champions Club Rewards, Formula of Champions bagged show feeds gives livestock related clubs, groups and associations financial support for their livestock related events.

Turn Formula of Champions proofs of purchase into club funds

All you do is collect proofs of purchase from Formula of Champions Show Feed products and submit them with a completed Submission Form for credit to your club's Formula of Champions Club Rewards account.

The program's financial rewards can be significant. Your club's account grows quickly with $0.25 being credited for each bagged feed proof of purchase.

Using your club's Formula of Champion Club Rewards Funds

When you want to withdraw funds from your account to participate in a special event, the club completes an

Online Funds Request Form or mailing in a Funds Request Form to Kalmbach Formula of Champions, stating the purpose of the request. A check will be mailed to the club. Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for your request to be processed.

Go for it!

Get started earning Formula of Champions Club Rewards by signing up on the Online Agreement Form or filling out and mailing in the Agreement Form.

The Formula of Champions Club Rewards is sponsored exclusively by Kalmbach Feeds and may be withdrawn at any time.

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