Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.



Pick your Pig

Calculate the size of pig needed:


Project Start Date:                                                 April 24

Show Weigh in Date                                              August 16

Days to show:                                                        113 days

Desired Show weight:                                            260#

Estimated Average Daily Gain:                              1.8#/day

___ days to show x estimated ADG:                      113 days x 1.8 = 203.4#

Desired show weight – estimated weight gain       260# - 203.4#

Start Weight of Pig:                                               57#

*consult with the breeder as to the expected pace of growth for your pig. This is just an estimate.

Select the best pig in your budget

Choosing the right animal is critical. Purchase your pigs from somebody you trust. Talk to your 4H Advisor, Extension Agent and breeders to learn as much as you can. Here’s a checklist to help you with the process:


  • Barrow or Gilt?__________
  • What breed are you going to exhibit?________________
  • Structural correctness—any problems here will get worse as your pig grows:
  1. Toes – even in size and shape
  2. Front legs – angulation and backward slope through the knee
  3. Hind legs – set to hock, free of joint swelling
  4. Hip and shoulder– looseness, walk without restraint
  5. Physical Characteristic
  6. Top Shape—grooved, with a crisp loin edge
  • Ham Expression:
  1. Thick from side to side
  2. Long from front to back
  3. Carry down the leg to the hock
  • Thickness of shoulders
  • Width underneath
  • Leanness
  1. Free of excess fat
  2. Clean topped
  3. Clean neck/jowl
  • Balance – select a pig that is eye appealing and presents itself in an attractive, athletic manner

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