Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.



Give your Pigs a Winning Start


First 7 Days:

First feed after purchase – Feed 20-30# per pig of a ration that contains a dewormer as well as an antibiotic for control of pneumonia.

To supply the needs of today’s show pigs your feed not only needs to be high in protein and amino acids but also energy. This promotes optimum growth and bloom while still building the muscle it takes to compete in the show ring.

  • Click here for charts and a handy worksheet to help calculate your feed needs


  • ALWAYS provide access to fresh water and feed.
  • Clean water tanks out weekly.
  • Your animal’s performance will only be as good as the water that it drinks.  This is easily one of the most overlooked areas when caring for your pig project.
  • Check the feeder daily to ensure that old or moldy feed is not preventing your pig from eating.
  • DO NOT expose white pigs to direct sunlight for an extended time.
  • Red and Black marked pigs need some sunlight.


  • Check daily for sickness.
  • Administer proper medication when ill or diseased.
  • Beware of all withdraw times when using vaccines and/or medicated feed.
  • Treat for internal and external parasites once a month.


Things to do at home:

First, we need to discuss the showmanship work at home. Brushing, driving, and washing your project on a regular basis go a long way to getting your pig and you to understand and like each other. As you begin to think about showmanship while you’re at home, practice driving all of your pigs each day so that you can determine which of your pigs are the most docile. Finding your calmest and most cooperative pig at home does not insure that your pig will be calm on show day, but it does give you a better chance than waiting until show day to pick out your showmanship pig.

By working these pigs each day, you’re building stamina, which can be a crucial deciding factor in the final drive.

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