Feed To Win!
Formula of Champions offers show feeds for swine, beef, lamb, goat
and poultry that will make a difference in your show program.





Keep weighing your pigs. Push or Hold as needed.

Great for finishing:

216FOCP    Smooth Design 16 Pellet

  • A nutrition favorite for this stage. Helps keep heavier weight pigs sound.
  • Provides the right amount of cover and flesh while maintaining muscle and top shape.

218FOCPP   Smooth Design 18 Pellet fortified with Power-Max technology

  • Use when the pig needs some extreme weight gain, or if you want that muscle “pop” look of an extra lean pig.
270FOC       Winners Full Fill
  • Another nutritionist favorite! Feed this when maintaining or slowing growth. This product helps your pigs on limited feed intake to feel full.
  • Helps with depth of body and spring of rib while staying fresh.


  • Be sure to find out all of the rules of your upcoming show. Each show has a different set of rules that apply to how your pig can be groomed, so you need to know what your particular show expects.
  • Your final job at home is to clip your pig properly. Clipping your pig extremely short is not the goal, but, rather, you want to clip the pig to accentuate the positive physical traits of your pig.
  • DO NOT wait until you arrive at your fair or show to clip your pig. Your pig will already be stressed enough from the move and adding more noise and fighting will only make it worse on the pig.

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