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Getting Ready

Selecting your Goat

  • Structural Correctness:
    • A goat should travel and stand wide on both front and rear legs.
    • The legs should be placed squarely under the body.
    • He should have a level top and rump.
    • Moderate to heavy bone and strong on his pasterns.
  • Muscle:
    • When viewed from the rear, the widest part of the leg should be the stifle area.
    • The goat should have a thick, wide back and loin that is naturally firm-handling.
    • He should be wide through the chest floor and have a prominent forearm muscle.
  • Volume and Capacity (this is the relationship of body length to depth and width):
    • Market goats should be long-bodied with adequate depth and spring of rib.
    • Avoid goats that are narrow based and flat ribbed.
  • Style and Balance (this is how all the pieces and parts of a goat blend together, also known as eye appeal):
    • When viewed on a profile, market goats should have a smooth shoulder, level top, trim middle and erect head and neck coming out of the top of the shoulder.


  • Your goats should have received a Bo-Se injection (injectable selenium) before you purchase them. They should also have received 2 CD-T vaccinations. If your goats have not received vaccinations, your veterinarian can help you.
  • Market goats should be healed from castration and cleanly disbudded when you receive them.
  • When purchasing your goats, keep them on the same feed for several days. You may need to purchase a small amount of feed from the breeder.
  • Deworm your goats monthly (follow label directions for proper withdrawal times).

Pen Space

  • Pen should have a minimum of 30 sq. ft. per individual goats. (50 sq. ft. for 2 goats) Make sure the pen is clean, dry, and draft free, preferably with drylot (not pasture).
  • Feeder should be 1 linear foot per goat and should be at shoulder height. Do not feed on the floor.
  • Fresh water should be provided in 8-12 quart pail, not a 5 gallon bucket. Change water often to keep clean, cool and fresh.
  • Let your goats get used to their new surroundings. Sit in the pen with them and let them get to know you. Goats are naturally curious, so they will soon come up to "check you out."

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